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Blood glucose levels go up and down throughout the day and night in people with diabetes. High blood glucose levels over time can result in heart disease and other health problems. Low blood glucose levels can make you feel shaky or pass out. But you can learn how to make sure your blood glucose levels stay on target ó not too high and not too low.

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Diabetes medicines help keep your blood glucose in your target range. The target range is suggested by diabetes experts and your doctor or diabetes educator. See below for more information about target levels for good health. Type 2 diabetes, once called adult-onset diabetes or noninsulin-dependent diabetes, is the most common form of diabetes. It can start when the body doesnít use insulin as it should, a condition called insulin resistance. If the body canít keep up with the need for insulin, you may need diabetes medicines. Many choices are available. Your doctor might prescribe two or more medicines.

Metformin is a common form of diabetes treatment. Like most diabetic drugs, the ultimate goals of Metformin are to lower blood sugar to a normal level and maintain this level. Metformin is used as an oral agent to help control diabetes. Recently, it has been also found to facilitate ovulation in some women with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Some women who do not ovulate after taking metformin will be able to ovulate when taking metformin in combination with clomiphene.